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logger.hpp File Reference

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class  file_logger
struct  log_dispatch< dostuff >


void __print_back_trace ()
file_loggerglobal_logger ()

Detailed Description

Usage: First include logger.hpp. To logger, use the logger() function There are 2 output levels. A "soft" output level which is set by calling global_logger.set_log_level(), as well as a "hard" output level OUTPUTLEVEL which is set in the source code (logger.h).

when you call "logger()" with a loglevel and if the loglevel is greater than both of the output levels, the string will be written. written to a logger file. Otherwise, logger() has no effect.

The difference between the hard level and the soft level is that the soft level can be changed at runtime, while the hard level optimizes away logging calls at compile time.

Yucheng Low (ylow)

Definition in file logger.hpp.

Function Documentation

void __print_back_trace (  ) 

Hack! This is defined in assertions.cpp