VMWare Fellowship

Aapo Kyrola was awarded VMWare's graduate research fellowship.



NIPS’11 Big Learning Workshop

We are organizing a Big Learning Workshop at NIPS this year! The Big Learning workshop will address the algorithms, systems, and tools, used in large-scale parallel and distributed learning problems. We encourage people interested in systems and learning at scale to attend and submit abstracts to be presented at this exciting two day workshop (see submission instructions for details).



Best Research Paper Award

Dafna Shahaf and Carlos Guestrin received a Best Research Paper Award at KDD 2010 for "Connecting the Dots Between News Articles".

Best Student Paper Award

Anton Chechetka and Carlos Guestrin received a Best Student Paper Award at AISTATS 2010 for "Focused Belief Propagation for Query-Specific Inference".



Honorable Mention for Outstanding Student Paper Award

B. Sriperumbudur, K. Fukumizu, A. Gretton, G. Lanckriet and B. Schoelkopf received an honorable mention for the Outstanding Student Paper Award at NIPS 2009, for the paper "Kernel choice and classifiability for RKHS embeddings of probability distributions".

Andreas Krause receives dissertation award

Andreas Krause's dissertation, "Optimizing Sensing: Theory and Applications," receives the Honorable Mention for the SCS dissertation award.

NIPS Workshop on Temporal Segmentation

The Workshop on Temporal Segmentation is intended to bring together experts in temporal segmentation from the statistics, machine learning, and signal processing communities, to address a broad range of applications from robotics to neuroscience, and to define the current and future challenges in the field.

NIPS Workshop on Learning with Orderings

Permutations and partial orders as input and output data ubiquitous. The Learning with Orderings workshop will explore the algorithms and theory for building statistical models and learning algorithms on these discrete combinatorial spaces. Details for submitting to the Learning with Orderings workshop are provided in the official call for submissions.

NIPS Workshop on Large-Scale Machine Learning: Parallelism and Massive Datasets

The BigLearn09 workshop will address issues related to parallelism in machine learning. We are inviting contributed presentations and posters on ongoing work. Details for submitting to the BigLearn09 workshop are provided in the official call for submissions.

Carlos Guestrin receives Presidential Award

The Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) is the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on young professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.

Carlos Guestrin receives the 2009 IJCAI Computers and Thought Award

The Computers and Thought Award is presented at IJCAI conferences to outstanding young scientists in artificial intelligence. View the slides and video of the talk.

Best Research Paper Award

Andreas Krause, Jure Leskovec, Carlos Guestrin, Jeanne VanBriesen, and Christos Faloutsos received the Best Research Paper Award from the ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Engineering for "Efficient Sensor Placement Optimization for Securing Large Water Distribution Networks".



Yucheng wins Morgan Stanley Coding Competition

Task is to write a automatic trading agent in a simulated market. This is the first year this competition was held.

Carlos Guestrin recipient of endowed chair

Carlos Guestrin is a recipient of the Finmeccanica Chair in Computer Science.

Andreas Krause accepts a tenure-track position at Caltech

He will be joining the faculty in January 2009.

Carlos Guestrin named one of the 2008 "Brilliant 10"

The recognition was bestowed in a Popular Science Magazine article.

Tutorial: Beyond Convexity - Submodularity in Machine Learning

Andreas Krause and Carlos Guestrin will present a tutorial at ICML 2008 in Helsinki.

ONR Young Investigator Award

Carlos Guestrin was granted an ONR Young Investigator Award.

From ranking blogs to predicting posture

Here is a recent MSNBC article on the CASCADES and sensor placement projects.



Sajid Siddiqi Thesis Proposal

Sajid Siddiqi will present his thesis proposal on "Latent Variable and Predictive Models of Dynamical Systems."

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Student Paper Award

Jonathan Huang, Carlos Guestrin and Leonidas Guibas received Honorable Mention for the Outstanding Student Paper Award at NIPS 2007 for the paper "Efficient Inference for Distributions on Permutations"

Picking which blogs to read

Which blogs should we read to be most up to date on the Blogosphere? Where should we place sensors to detect contaminations in water networks? The CASCADES project attempts to answer these questions in a unified way. Here are some discussions on the project. Also see the news release and this post.

Andreas Krause Thesis Proposal

Andreas Krause presented his thesis proposal on "Nonmyopic Observation Selection: Theory and Applications".

NSF Fellowship Awards

Joseph Gonzalez and Joseph Bradely were both awarded NSF Fellowships graduate research fellowships.

2007 IJCAII-JAIR Best Paper prize

Carlos Guestrin, Daphne Koller, Ron Parr and Shobha Venkataraman received the 2007 IJCAII-JAIR Best Paper prize in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) for "Efficient Solution Algorithms for Factored MDPs." This prize is awarded to an outstanding paper published in JAIR in the preceding five calendar years.

IBM Faculty Fellowship

Carlos Guestrin was awarded a 2007 IBM Faculty Fellowship.

AT&T Fellowship Award

Joseph Gonzalez was awarded the AT&T Labs research Fellowship.

Best Student Paper Award

Jure Leskovec, Andreas Krause, Carlos Guestrin, Christos Faloutsos, Jeanne VanBriesen and Natalie Glance were awarded the Best Student Paper Award at ACM SIGKDD 2007 for the paper "Cost-effective Outbreak Detection in Networks".

Microsoft Research Fellowship Award

Andreas Krause was awarded the Microsoft Research Graduate Fellowship.

NSF Career Award

Carlos Guestrin was granted an NSF Career Award.



Best Paper Award

Andreas Krause, Carlos Guestrin, Anupam Gupta and Jon Kleinberg were awarded the Best Paper Award at IPSN 2006 for the paper "Near-optimal Sensor Placements: Maximizing Information while Minimizing Communication Cost".

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship

Carlos Guestrin was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship.

IBM Faculty Fellowship

Carlos Guestrin was awarded a 2006 IBM Faculty Fellowship.


Geoff Gordon was selected for DARPA's Computer Science Study Panel.



Best Paper Runner Up Award

Carlos Guestrin, Andreas Krause and Ajit Singh were awarded the Best Paper Runner-Up Award at ICML 2005 for the paper "Near-optimal Sensor Placements in Gaussian Processes".

Best Paper Runner Up Award

Andreas Krause and Carlos Guestrin were awarded the Best Paper Runner-Up Award at UAI 2005 for the paper "Near-optimal Nonmyopic Value of Information in Graphical Models".

Best Paper Award

Mark Paskin, Carlos Guestrin and Jim McFadden received the Best Paper Award at the Fourth International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN'05) for "A Robust Architecture for Distributed Inference in Sensor Networks."



Best Paper Award

Amol Deshpande, Carlos Guestrin, Sam Madden, Joseph Hellerstein and Wei Hong received the Best Paper Award at the 30th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB 2004) for "Model-Driven Data Acquisition in Sensor Networks."



Best Paper Award

Ben Taskar, Carlos Guestrin and Daphne Koller received the Best Paper Award at the Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (NIPS 2003) for "Max-Margin Markov Networks."

Best Paper Award

Matt Rosencrantz, Geoff Gordon, and Sebastian Thrun won the Best Stuent Paper Award at the AAMAS conference for "Locating moving entities in dynamic indoor environments with teams of mobile robots."